I went to a Career Expo at the University of Idaho on Wednesday. I had to go three times: I went the first time and realized that I had forgotten my resumes. I went the second time and eploited the career fair. I went the third time on Thursday for an interview. I mailed the thank you note yesterday.

As I walked around the Expo on Wednesday, I was quite suprised to see the Operation Mobilization booth. I have been on the Operation Mobilization boats and heard about their missions work previously. I talked to the recruiter about a trip this summer.

In church on Sunday I got to listen to Dr. Fred VanGorkom who graduated from Washington State University (which I am now attending) and heard all about what God has done for people in Eithiopia.

These two instances have got me to thinking that I should ask God to give me a job for the fall and to let me go on a mission trip to someplace this summer. I have never been on a mission trip except to Canada with my dad. I didn’t really see anything new and different as far as people or God there.


3 Responses to “Missions”

  1. victor horky (joshua's brother) Says:

    It is good that you are thinking in such ways, that you are listening to God when he is speaking to you and not making your own plans.

    Keep doing that.

  2. Joshua Says:

    What makes you think that God is speaking to me and that I am not just thinking up something fun that I want to do?

  3. victor horky (joshua's brother) Says:

    o. yeah, I made a mistake in my typing, I meant to say that it was good that you where listening, and that you will be thinking and praying about it.

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