The End of an Era (and other pictures)

I think that this first picture sort of represents what I have been and what I will be as far as image goes. In the past there have been a number of things–like shaving and cleaning my face and wearing clothes that look somewhat acceptable instead of clothes that just work and not wearing a crash helmet in unorthadox places–that I thought I would change someday when I needed too, like after I had a girlfriend who cared about how I looked. Now I am thinking that I will have to change all of those things before I get a girlfriend so that I can get a job as a professional and keep it from one day to the next. So yeah, that is what the black helmet represents. The car in behind me in the picture represents the relatively normal image that I will probably wind up with.

These other pictures are images of me and my roommate fighting with foam broadswords. His skill is superior to mine.
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2 Responses to “The End of an Era (and other pictures)”

  1. Victor Horky (Joshua's brother) Says:

    What you said about your car and your image in future is hilarious!

  2. pghcitiboy Says:

    Hi, I just happened across your blog, awesome pics! You have a ‘Darth Vader’ look with the helmet there!

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